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Garden Balm


Price: $10.00
Lemongrass Lavender
Lemon Verbena
Patchouli Rose
Rosemary Mint
Sweet Basil Vanilla


Being avid gardeners it is only natural that our poor hands, feet and elbows feel the strain of hours in the garden. We formulated this balm to heal extremely dry, rough skin.

Our garden balm works wonders on extremely dry skin. A great remedy for dry, cracked chapping skin. Also, a great belly balm for pregnant mothers.

Contains: olive oil, cocoa butter, bees wax and essential oil of either lavender, lemongrass & lavender, lemon verbena, vanilla oleoresin and basil or a blend of rosewood, patchouli and sandalwood.

+ Handmade + Essential Oil Based + Cruelty Free +

Net Wt. 4 oz.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by COLLEEN
COLLEEN bought "Garden Balm" on our website
I'm in Love!
Another favorite! I bought this on a whim at the last second on my last order. I LOVE it! Elbows and feet and more oh, my!
Reviewed by Erin
Erin bought "Garden Balm" on our website
Great multi use product!
After reading another review about the garden balm working for diaper rash and it not having ingredients I can’t pronounce, I decided to try it out. It works (and smells) great! I’ve also used it in my eczema patches and dry skin with good results. It’s a great multi use product!
Reviewed by Jennifer
Jennifer bought "Garden Balm" on our website
wonderful face moisturizer
My son bought me a jar of garden balm for Christmas a couple years ago. I am 60 years old and still fight oily skin on my face. I thought I would try the balm as a facial moisturizer and it is awesome! It does not interfere with makeup once it soaks into my skin. I also use it as a night moisturizer. I can tell right away when I skip applying it as my face feels tight and dry. I have received compliments on how youthful my skin looks. I love the scents too!
Reviewed by Tanya
Softens Skin, Warms Hearts and Eases Anxiety
I purchased this in Lemon Verbena as an aroma & skin pick-me-up to keep at my desk (LOVE it!). Then one night I took it along to a group I lead for women who have experienced trauma. I thought it might ease some of the anxiety around the table--and the result was AMAZING! The ladies loved the scent and moisturizing, but more than that, it helped them feel calmer as they talked about tough stuff. Thanks Good Earth! Your Garden Balm is as good for the soul as it is for the skin!
Reviewed by Sarah
Works for diaper rash!
I was given the Rosemary Mint Garden Balm, and told I could even use it on my babies diaper rash. Ive tried a lot of other diaper creams, even the more natural stuff, and nothing touched my sons rashes, except this!
My older son has eczema, and again, I tried everything, including straight up essential oils with olive oil. Again, nothing worked. Then I remembered the babies "butt cream." After 2 nights I saw visible results of his eczema going away!
Gotta say I love this stuff! And the smell is amazing too! :-)
Reviewed by Sadie
Amazing multifunctional salve!
I carry this everywhere! I have one in my purse and one on my nightstand. I use it to moisturizer my cuticles, hands, feet, and lips (great lip balm). I love rosebud salve, and though they each have their uses, I would choose this over it. And even more so, the smell is amazing! I got it in Sweet Basil Vanilla. I wish they'd come up with a lavender scent so I could die happy
Reviewed by Amber
Best balm ever!
My mother had gotten me my first jar for my birthday and I love it. I had constant rug burn from doing planks and this balm has been keeping my skin soft and burn free since I started using it. Also helps add extra moisture to my legs during this dry winter. Am a big fan of this product.
Good Bye Dry Skin
I have very dry skin and have spent so much money on trying different lotions and creams for my face and body. The Garden Balm is wonderful for it all! I got the unscented, warmed it up, and added my own blend of facial essential oils - I love it!! I use the other scents on my body. It soaks right in and keeps me moisturized all day. Good bye flakes! Please, dont ever stop making this yummy stuff!
So Good...
I have extremely dry skin, this product is soooo good for all parts of the body ! Thanks for the great products and service .
Awesome!!! Works wonderfully after sloughing off that layer of dry skin on the heels. I rarely need to use a pumice stone now. The best thing I have found yet.

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