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Lip Balm


Price: $4.00
Grapefruit Lime
Hazelnut Vanilla
Rosemary Mint
Tea Tree Tangerine
Bee Free


Our lip butter is guaranteed to bring your weathered chapped lips back to life. This lip butter was specially formulated to help get us through those tough cold Wisconsin winters.

Available in 6 great flavors:

Buttercream, Grapefruit Lime, Hazelnut Vanilla, Rosemary Mint, Tea Tree Tangerine and Bee Free (unscented) we renamed vegan.

Contains: almond oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, lanolin, bees wax and natural flavorings or essential oils.
Vegan: organic coconut oil, jojoba, cocoa butter, olive oil and candelilla wax.

Net Wt. .15 oz.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by alschairn
Love It!!!
I bought this in a store in North Carolina, there have been multiple times where I accidentally left it in the pocket of my pants when I put them in the washer, but it had survived every single time. Literally amazing, like whatever formula this is, it’s fine with being submerged in water. Onto the other aspect: makes my lips feel super soft and smells amazing. Stays on my lips for much longer than other “lip butters” I’ve tried.
Reviewed by kyforney14
Best lip balm
I got one of these in a shop in Duluth years ago and I have been in love with it ever since. This is the only lip balm that has worked for me. I just got the vegan one and there is no flavor at all and i am very impressed. Buttercream is my favorite.
Reviewed by auterson4
Other use than lips
I have the Tea Tree Tangerine that I have stocked up on during mosquito season! Yes, it works wonders on my granddaughters mosquito bites! Her bites swell and itch badly. we immediately put on the butter and within 30 minutes, they start to disappear. Love this product. I have handed them out as gifts and others say it works for their bites! We do use it on the lips too.
Reviewed by JWerner
JWerner bought "Lip Balm" on our website
I can't go back to other lip balms
I received a tube of the tea tree tangerine lip balm as a stocking-stuffer a year and a half ago. After trying it, this brand has become the only lip balm I will use.

I have always been a chronic balm user: I keep chapstick in nearly every room of the house, in my purse, car, etc. and have tried tons of brands. My go-to previously was Burt's Bees, but now after using Good Earth's smooth, subtle flavors, I find Burt's minty zing actually stings my lips (no pun intended). This lip balm is soft, spreads easily, tastes great (I love the tea tree tangerine, hazelnut vanilla, buttercream, and spicy chai when it's available), and moisturizes for an extended period of time. I used to re-apply chapstick every 30 minutes or so on dry-lip days. Good Earth lasts much longer and generally only needs to be reapplied after I've been eating or drinking.

The best part is: prior to using Good Earth, I had a recurring inflammation and flaky, cracked skin on one corner of my mouth. It popped up every winter and would come and go the entire season as long as it was even moderately cold outside. I tried every type of chapstick or lip moisturizer I could to reduce the crusty spot, but nothing seemed to help. Eventually I had to get a steroid cream prescribed to get it under control. After switching to Good Earth, I haven't had this inflammation pop up. It keeps my lips and that area of my mouth moisturized without irritating or encouraging that corner of skin to break out.

There aren't any stores near me that sell this brand unfortunately, so I order a handful from the website and stash them around the house and just replace as needed. 8 tubes will be enough for me for more than a year because of how long they last and how rarely you need to re-apply. My only wish is for Good Earth to make one lip balm with SPF in it for sunny summer days. Otherwise, this is the perfect lip balm and the only one I ever need.
Reviewed by Gunthar
Better than Other Brands
I've tried other brands before, and I've always had drier lips after using them. I found this at a garden expo, and it has been the only effective lip balm that I have ever tried. Definitely worth buying!
Reviewed by Michellegrisk
This is BY FAR the BEST lip balm I’ve ever used. It feels great, smells great, and leaves my lips feeling SO SMOOTH and moisturized. The best part about it is that it doesn’t leave that white film that most chapsticks leave on the lips after it has worn off. I use this CONSTANTLY and will never try another kind. This is my absolute favorite!
Reviewed by bought "Lip Balm" on our website
What A Find!
I found this lip balm in the Artful Gardener shop in Rochester, NY a while back. I'm very picky about lip products because I hate the feeling of my mouth bring slathered with something...but the need for a quality product is real. I've tried just about every tube or tin I've seen in all kinds of flavors. The Tea Tree/Tangerine flavor caught my eye, so I bought a tube. I've never been happier with a lip balm in my life! I wouldn't expect it to be such a big deal, but finding the good stuff is worth it. I've gifted different flavors since then, always to good reviews. I'm happy to endorse Good Earth whenever I can!
Reviewed by GoBrilliantly
“Best Lip Balm Ever”
I don’t even remember where I was traveling, except that when I checked out at the coffee shop/bakery/gift shop, the cashier said, “Would you like to try the best lip balm ever?” It was freezing outside, and I thought ‘why not?’ She was right! I bought the rosemary mint, and it seemed to last forever. Tonight, I looked on the label to find where to purchase it again. I’m thrilled your business is thriving, and I do agree: It’s the best lip balm ever!
Reviewed by mhall48439
I have tried other natural lip butters and this one from Good Earth is my favorite. Others I have tried cause peeling. But NOT this one! I have it in butter cream and love it. It goes on smooth and isn't drying. It works great! I just bought 2 more and am going to try the grapefruit lime one too.
Reviewed by gjeanine01
gjeanine01 bought "Lip Balm" on our website
Didn't irritate my lips!
I have SUPER sensitive lips and have not been able to find any lip moisturizer that doesn't cause serious blisters after just a couple uses. I got this just to give it a try and have been using it for two full days with no blisters at all! I'm so happy with it!
Reviewed by jeannekildow
I love it!
I tend to collect tubes of lip balm here and there, always trying to find one that I like. I use lip balm over the long-lasting lip colors from the drug store, which are very drying. I have been using the Good Earth nonscents lip balm in a tube all winter, and it just keeps going and going! It is the only thing I've found that (1) doesn't taste weird, (2) doesn't smell weird, (3) feels really good and soothing when I put it on, and (4) most importantly, really works to keep my lips from drying out through a Minnesota winter! I am SO glad that the website was on the label because honestly, I don't know where I bought it. My daughter goes to school at UW-Madison - maybe there? Or maybe in Grand Marais, MN? Who knows? Anyway, I'm so glad that I don't have to hunt for it and can order it again and again. I am also thrilled to learn that it contains healthy ingredients only. This stuff is awesome. Really. I don't really know anything about the company but I just want to say, good work!
Reviewed by badam868
badam868 bought "Lip Balm" on our website
Hands down, best lip balm ever
I first bought this lip balm years ago at the State Fair, because I love anything chai flavored. I have never bought another brand of lip balm since! The flavors are lovely, there's definitely something for everyone. This lip balm really moisturizes your lips - I haven't had cracked winter lips in years! Because there's no alcohols in it, you don't get dried out lips from using it. So fantastic!
This is the best lip balm I've found after searching for many years. It does not become an irritant after repeated use, like all the others, and it has reduced my addiction since it keeps my lips moisturized for a much longer time than the need to apply it every 20 minutes! Thank you so much.
Nothing comes close...
The best ever...hands down. I'm a lip balm freak, and nothing out there comes even close to these lip butters.
This lip balm is absolutely wonderful! It isn't waxy or hard to apply. It goes on smoothly and feels great. My personal choice is the Spicy Chai because of its great scent!
The Best!
The best lip balm ever! I really love this stuff! I got some as a gift and hid it from the rest of my family. Ive used it all up & I'm back for more!
must have!
WOW!! I bought this at Rabbes in New Lisbon and WOW! do I love it! I bought the grapefruit/lime.. I will be checking out all the other items you have there to offer... my lips were so dry, but now they are healed and feeling great!!!!
Great Product...
I have tried hazelnut vanilla and grapefruit lime they are great !!!!!! I am getting all of them next time.
Best So Far...
Buttercream Lip Butter...I just got this Summerfest and its GREAT. I love trying different lip balms and this is the best by far!! I will definitely be trying your other products!!
Never Leave Home without it!!
I never leave home without my GOOD EARTH Lip-Butter. It really is the best lip-balm ever! My favorites are grapefruit-lime, hazelnut-vanilla and rosemary-mint (which has a pleasant tingle).
My Fav
MY FAVORITE!!! I have tried too many lip balms to count and this one is my absolute favorite. The Rosemary mint is divine. I am going to be buying a bunch because mine is about to run out.
Great product!! Need to get more since my 2 year old is addicted to it as well!"
Rosemary Mint!!
Rosemary Mint FAN!! If you THOUGHT you love your Burts Bees lip balm, this product will sell you instantly! I cant endorse this enough!
It Rock!!
Keep it by your bedside! I am in love w/this lip balm! I have the Buttercream and the Spicy Chai and always have one on my nightstand to apply before bed. I wake with the softest lips on the planet!!!!! This product rocks!!!!!
Best Ever!!
I got this last summer at the state fair. I got Chocolate Mint, and my mom got Hazelnut Vanilla. She never used hers and mine was gone too soon. I found hers and asked if I could have it, she said yes. This year at the state fair I want to get all the flavors!!! BEST LIP GLOSS/ BUTTER EVER!!!!!
Love it!
Lip balm freak rates this number 1! I own over 50 kinds of lip balms and I bought the Rosemary Mint last summer at State Fair and it is the greatest lip balm! I still have my old tube that has been gone for 10 months just so I didnt lose the name! I am going tomorrow to State Fair to buy quite a few to last me hopefully until next years State Fair!

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