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Kitchen Kleen


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Kitchen Kleen
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Kitchen Kleen soap was specially formulated to remove stubborn odors. This soap is made with espresso coffee grounds, which is a fantastic exfoliator. Use in the kitchen or the garage. This soap should not be used on the face.

Our soap is handcrafted by the Good Earth. It is 100% natural, contains no animal products or synthetic materials. Created to be environmentally friendly and great for your skin.

Contains: water, olive oil, non-gmo orgnic soybean oil, organic coconut oil and essential oil of cassia, clove and espresso coffee grounds.

+ Handmade + Essential Oil Based + Palm Free + Vegan +

Net Wt 4 oz.


Product Reviews

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Reviewed by mhall48439
One of my favorites!
I love the clove smell and the exfoliating nature of the coffee grounds. I have purchased more than one at a time of this scent alone along with some others.
I smelled this soap everywhere in the house, it was so strong. I just had to get another one best place *STATE FAIR*

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