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Small ~ 8 oz
Large ~ 16 oz
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A candle made to sooth and relax your senses. The classic smell of lavender, sweet and true.

Soy candles burn cleaner and longer than traditional candles with no ugly sooty residue. By purchasing soy candles, you are buying an environmentally friendly candle that is biodegradable.

Please recycle the jar. Just microwave for 60 seconds and wash with hot soapy water.

8 oz. Square Mason burntime 50-80 hours 

16 oz. Square Mason burntime 150-175 hours 

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Michelle54241
Michelle54241 bought "Lavender" on our website
More effective than my last therapist
If you need to melt anxiety away, want a calming environment, or just a natural summer aroma for a room, the Lavendar candle is a great choice. I have found burning one at my work desk (from home) both smells wonderful and has directly and immediately reduced anxiety that I'd been experiencing. I found that the calming effect it has helped me with taking more frequent deeper, slower breaths. I wish I would have tried this sooner. Plus, this $20 candle will last longer than a month (depending on how often you burn it and is less expensive than most co-pays for seeing a therapist) *of course this is not medical advice and there are really good therapists out there :)
Reviewed by gjeanine01
gjeanine01 bought "Lavender" on our website
I ADORE these candles!! Not only do they burn super cleanly but they seem to have a much longer burn time than other candle. I have an illness that makes me severely nauseous and this candle actually really helps with the nausea and stress as well. A must have for me!

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