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Tea Tree Oatmeal


Price: $6.50


One of our most robust soaps! A powerful combination of oatmeal and essential oils of tea tree, spearmint and rosemary work overtime to produce a soap that not only exfoliates, but is also extremely healing.

Our soap is handcrafted by the Good Earth. It is 100% natural containing no animal products or synthetic materials.

Created to be environmentally friendly and great for your skin.

Contains: water, olive oil, non-gmo soybean oil, coconut oil, oatmeal and essential oils of tea tree, spearmint, rosemary and peppermint.

+ Handmade + Essential Oil Based + Palm Free + Vegan +

Net Wt. 4 oz.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Jen72
Love It
I bought the Tea Tree Oatmeal Soap at the Wisconsin State Fair. I was hesitant because of my severe allergies and eczema. OMG I loved it. My skin looked better, felt better and my eczema seemed to settle down A LOT! I have recommended this product to my relatives who have children with eczema and given them my bars of soap to try. My mother tried it out of curiosity and plans (if she hasnt already) order the soap.
Wonderful Soap!!
This soap leaves my skin feeling clean & tingly! No soap residue floating on top of the bath water or on my skin! I love the scent of spearmint-quite unusually nice! Usually it is just plain old peppermint. I use it on my hair sometimes and it leaves it volumous. Does this product have lye in it? The ingredient list does not list it but I guess manufacturers dont have to list everything. Great Soap!!

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