I am going to address this issue. I would like to first say that I have a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science. I have multiple degrees, one in chemistry, the other biology and minor in math on top of the MS. My masters thesis was the hardest thing I have done. Please know that I have been advocating for the planet since I started the first recycling program at Lincoln High School in 1990 and received the nickname the Lorax. I have chained myself to trees to save Spotted Owl families. I was a Water Quality Scientist for 15 years. An award winning scientist at that. My work was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. I don’t toot my horn often. I am not some schmuck making soap. I have devoted my life to making the planet a better place. Mother Earth my❣️for you runs deep.

I have been doing MY PART since I was a young person. I would like to ask you. Are you doing your part?? If so, please let me know what you are doing... because if you aren’t doing a thing besides pointing fingers at Good Earth Soap from behind your shiny smart phone. You need to move on and buy soap and body care products from another maker. Please don’t threaten me with a negative review on social media either. I don’t care. Go ahead. Write your 1 star review.

Until the last year, plastic wasn’t an issue for us as a company. It was part of how we lived. Now, for good reason, it has come to the forefront of my life as the owner of a teeny soap company. People are shining a critical eye on us as a company. Even though we do more for the environment than many very large corporations do with huge budgets. Ahem...

I used to wrap my soap in paper labels. Then people would touch the label with greasy fingerprints and ruin the label. So I went to 100% post-consumer waste recycled material for the label. They are made from recycled plastic my friends. Win. Nope. Not good enough now. Hey, it made my life easier. One less thing to address and worry about. We can go back to craft paper, but the only kind available that will with stand any sort of handling has a wax coating. That is NOT recyclable either.

The bottles I originally used were aluminum. I went to recycled plastic bottles because every time I ordered aluminum bottles they were dented. Or worse out of stock. They are crazy expensive and don’t come in the sizes I currently use. I can go back to using those bottles. It’s gonna add another $2-$3 per item. Please remember president Trump has enacted tariffs of 25% on all imported goods. I have yet to pass that cost on to my customers. The tariffs have made it even harder to find certain every day packaging items that we use. The plastic is blown here, but the materials come from China. Please also note, the energy cost to make aluminum is much higher than with plastic. The carbon foot print is huge. We can offset that though. We have been off setting all of our carbon emission since 2010.

The containers that are available for our garden balms and shea butters that are metal are NOT recyclable. They are steel and CAN NOT be recycled. On the face, they look nice. They appear to be recyclable. They are not. I know other makers who say they are. Not true. They are also very hard to open because they create a vacuum when closed.

On average it takes 450 years to break down plastic in landfill. Aluminum is 500 years. Glass will never break down.

Onto glass. Glass is very heavy. There is a very large energy cost to make glass. It has a really big carbon foot print. This footprint includes the energy it takes to make it, think big fires to melt sand into glass. Then there is the cost to ship it. We are a small manufacture. Almost every day I hear the words free shipping. Thank you Amazon