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Essential Oils


Price: $14.00
Frankincense & Myrrh
Lemongrass Lavender
Sweet Basil Vanilla


Bless your body with Good Earth Essential Oils! Allergic or sensitive to synthetic fragrances? Your senses will love our natural essential oils made simply from essential oils and jojoba oil. Can be used as a natural perfume, on the body or in a diffuser.

Frankinsence & Myrrh: Frankincense & Myrrh Essential Oil and Jojoba oil

Lavender: Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil and Jojoba oil

Patchouli: Dark Patchouli Essential Oil and Jojoba oil

Sandalwood: Amber Resin, Mysore Sandalwood Essential Oil and Jojoba oil

Sweet Basil: Proprietary blend of essential oils and Jojoba oil

+ Handmade + Essential Oil Based + Cruelty Free +

Net Wt. .50 oz

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by ngabrail
ngabrail bought "Essential Oils" on our website
I love EOs, but the quality can be a hit-or-miss. I recently got a bottle of lavender from a different brand that smelled terrible. I purchased the Lavender and Sweet Basil Vanilla oils from Good Earth, and I'm super happy with both! I can't wait to try their other blends. I love the aromas, and I also like that these EOs are pre-mixed with a carrier (jojoba) so I can even dab it directly on my skin.
Reviewed by jransford
Sweet Basil Vanilla
Love, love, LOVE this oil! It smells wonderful and as an added bonus the gnats hate it!! They stay clear!
Reviewed by srydzik
I just got this oil and at the very first sniff I was so disappointed! But WAIT! I used just a dab and let that cedar-like top note dissipate at bit and let me say that this is the scent I was looking for. It is not baby powder fake smelling. It has a nice woody smell, but not that fungal smell that some sandalwoods have. It is a nice, fresh scent with a hint of creaminess. Perfect blend for me!
Reviewed by ajshafer13
Sweet Basil Vanilla
This is my favorite scent! I have the essential oil (which I use as perfume), the lotion bar, the shea butter, and the mason jar candle all in this scent. It is very earthy, calming and not overpowering. I leave the candle at my job and without even lighting it, the candle makes my desk smell great! This essential oil is great as a perfume because you only need a small amount on the skin and it is not too oily!
Reviewed by bcunningham
vonda cunningham
I just purchased many soaps and a perfume. My husband and I love the smells. So happy to find Good Earth Soaps. Tracy knows how to make the best products!
Wonderful Product
I used to work in a store where I ordered and sold all of these wonderful products. I love the Sandwood and Patchouli, and get alot of compliments when I wear them. I have even mixed the two, to form another scent.

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