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Whipped Shea Butter


Price: $8.00
Rosemary Mint
Sweet Basil Vanilla


*Our shea butters will melt if left in a mail box or on a front porch in the heat. We will happily ship them in summer provided we are not held responsible for them melitng. Thus, we will not provide a replacement or refund on this item if it melts. This is the nature of certain natural products. 

Shea Butter is a wonderful way to revitalize and moisturize your skin. You only need a small amount. A little shea goes a long way!

Our shea body butter is fabulous for extremely dry areas of the body. Shea butter has the ability to absorb quickly into the skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

We use an unrefined shea that comes directly from Africa. It is a women owned company and proceeds from the sale of their shea butter goes back to the cooperative!

A Fair Trade Product

Contains: organic unrefined shea butter, mct (fractionated coconut oil) and essential oils of rosemary and peppermint, Bulgarian lavender or sweet basil vanilla

Net Wt. 1 oz. + packaged in a zero waste aluminum container

+ Handmade + Essential Oil Based + Cruelty Free + Zero Waste +

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cassiet
Love this!
I use this on my hands and feet in the morning and at night (and if I need a little hint of relaxation throughout the day). This stuff is amazing and a little really goes a long way. This 1 oz jar has lasted me over a month already and I have at least a weeks worth still left. And, I love the lavender scent!
I used this product on my belly everyday when I was pregnant. It was a wonderful moisturizer and I came out of my pregnancy with no stretchmarks. Even my doctor commented on how great my skin looked!
Great Products!!
I found Good Earth Products at the Cranberry Festival and loved it so much I ordered more on line. I found it again at a local flower shop in my town. Now I go there every month and stock up. I love Good Earth Products as my skin and hands are extremely dry. They are in drawers all over my house! Great Product!!
Love it Love it Love it!
I just recently bought this stuff, as I was shopping for some shea butter for my hair. I have different textures to my hair, along with its very thick curls. I dont like using heavy oils, and stuff in my hair, but I gave way to the unrefined shea butter. The lady at the store handed me this jar of whipped shea butter,and told me to try it. I went home, washed my hair, let it air dry, and in the morning used a dab on my hair. I quickly fell in love. The peppermint made my scalp tingle, and it moisturized my hair without making it feel greasy, and kept my curls in line.

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