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MoSquito Bug Repellent


Price: $9.00
4 oz
8 oz
8 oz Pumpless Refill


A natural bug spray at last. Our Squito spray has been field trialed and works better than most chemical based sprays. It smells great too! According to the American Chemical Society Canadian Catnip essential oil is 10 times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than Deet!

So don't let those pesky bugs deter you when outdoors. Our Squito spray was specially formulated to be nontoxic. Feel free to use it on your children and dogs. Now you don't have to worry about spraying nasty chemicals on your loved ones!!!

This is what one of customers had to say about our Squito Spray...

I recently purchased your "squito spray" from the WI State Fair because I liked the smell & I needed something because the squitos seem to love me! We found it not only works to prevent them but once you have a bite or irritation it's wonderful for soothing & taking away the great stuff...Eileen R.

Contains: distilled water, almond oil, essential oils of catnip, cedar, lavender, lemongrass, wintergreen & peppermint, optiphen (inci: phenoxyethanol & caprylyl & gycol) preservative.

Net Wt. 8 oz.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by tuckern
Works on Black Flies
Tried this during black fly season in New England. Works well but found I had to reapply after two hours. Not a problem though because the fragrance is minty and pleasant. Works better than other products I have tried to repel black flies.
Reviewed by shadow
Best Spray
We have used this bug spray for the past 5 years and it works great for keeping mosquito's away, extremely effective, and smells good. I have even sprayed my around my hair since I don't like the sounds of bugs flying around my head. Awesome product for little kids since there is no skin irritation. Works great on the fur kids too for keeping bugs away.
Reviewed by Emiller
My husband and I love this product because it is all naturally made. We even use it on our dogs! The smell is better than most chemically made sprays. I have to stock up on my supply of Squito Spray :)
Reviewed by badam868
Smells wonderful!
Hands down, this is the best smelling bug spray you'll ever find. It's super effective, not sticky or greasy, and as a bonus it turns you into a cat magnet!
Reviewed by gilbertdvm
Really works and smells great!
I tried this out today and it really works! Repelled mosquitoes and flies. It smells much better than traditional bug repellants. My cats love the scent, too!

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